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lun 06 12 2021

GREEN WASHING for Wind Turbine - AEQUOR Anode

Problem :

  • Sacrificial anode use around 1 000 kg of aluminium per year per wind turbine
  • Around 20 tonnes per tower
    (la méthode à grand père)
picture of alu

20 Tonnes of Aluminium Waste in sea 

No control of Cathodic Protection level,  

and not the same Cathodic Protection level in each area

C&M Solution

flèche droite    AEQUOR® Anode

  •  Greener for flore & founa
  •  1 000 000 less waste in sea

                                fleche bas  

Very Good for Green Washing 

wind turbine

Cut quickly your galvanic protection

with an AEQUOR  +  Impressed Current Cathodic Protection


In Plus, Could be expected with a high level of ICCP :

  • No more corrosion on even galvanic anode
  • Could stay in place (enbellishment)



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